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3 words that come to mind when I think of Hannah: caring, loving, and genuine. I’m so blessed and lucky to have her in my life. She is the best yoga teacher a girl could ask for :) She is filled with light and shares her light wherever she goes.

Kayla T.

Hannah is wonderful and professional representative of the health and wellness community. She is passionate about her work, as well as her individual clients. Hannah will answer your questions and leave you with much more information than you started with. Her techniques for healing are comforting yet powerful. If you are looking for someone to guide you in your Medicare quest and provide amazing healing results. I am better just knowing Hannah, she is the real deal.

Heather Schoen

Thank-you Hannah for explaining things so well! I felt assured that you were quoting me the best prices and connecting me to what best fit my needs. You also were as close as a phone call or text whenever I had any questions. Thanks again!


Hannah has been a tremendous help to myself and my daughter in understanding the Medicare and all the different parts that are involved she's always been available even in the crises of the weather that her state was having I think she's a terrific agent and would recommend her to anyone.

Karon W.

Hannah has been working with Ritter Insurance for less than a year now but in that time has shown an expertise and drive to ensure her success in everything she does. Furthermore, Hannah has expressed nothing but a desire to help Medicare beneficiaries enroll in plans that work best for them. With Hannah, a beneficiary can trust they are in good hands from start to finish.

David R.

Hannah has been not only extremely helpful n walks me through every step but a joy to talk to. Thank goodness i have her helping me ??

Laura D.

Friendly and professional She takes time to answer any concerns and makes sure that you are satisfied and understands the answer to your satisfaction.

Kevin R.

Hannah was very helpful today in walking me through the process. Very helpful, could not have completed this without her help.

Karen E M

I met Hannah when she taught me kundalini yoga. It was an amazing experience. She is great I love her energy!

Erin S.

Hannah was a pleasure to work with.

Garry M.

I met Hannah in a yoga studio when she was teaching kundalini yoga. She is a great teacher, she has a strong background and she listens for the student's needs and concerns. And, most important for me, she is capable of removing herself out of the way to give the person exactly what he/she needs at this moment. She is a beautiful, generous, caring, shining soul and it is a blessing to learn from her. I believe she guides her clients the same way she guides her students, with the same level of commitment and care. I am happy to live in a world with Hannah Brummer.


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